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artist Joshua Coffy


Sphargis is a Leatherback Sea Turtle, one of the oldest sea turtles on the planet. PRF chose the name Sphargis for its holding company as a symbol of the desired longevity of the company. For our 40th Anniversary celebration, PRF hired artist Joshua Coffy to create a painting to commemorate this milestone.
Josh talked about the elements of the painting during the presentation at the 40th Anniversary party. "I placed the rocks on his head to symbolize not only balance but responsibility. You can balance things, and if you continue to do that over time you are truly a champion. That represents personal responsibility to your own ideals. PRF has that. I use this imagery in several of my paintings because I truly believe in this ideal. At the top of the rocks you can see a caduceus representing Medicine and the work you all do. This one is also merged with scales that represent justice.  Underneath the turtle you can see a smaller baby turtle swimming. I placed this little guy there to give the painting a sense of protection and family, which are very important to me and to PRF. And lastly I created several circles in this painting. I paint these a lot as well. To me, circles symbolize that everything is connected. How we treat one another affects all of us.”
Each PRF member who attended the 40th Anniversary celebration went home with a panel mounted print of this painting titled “The Compass”. We will remember what PRF stands for as we continue to serve our community and skillfully navigate the coming years.

Artist: Joshua Coffy

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