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In 2023, PRF continues to operate as a Risk Retention Group. Although we are no longer issuing insurance policies, we will continue to manage any claims that occurred during your coverage period with PRF.

It is important that all former policyholders remain in contact with us. Please notify us of any changes in your contact information via email to


Effective January 1, 2021, Physicians Reimbursement Fund, Inc. stopped renewing existing policies or issuing new policies. PRF arranged a streamlined process for obtaining a policy with the Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC). MIEC is the company that we believe offers the coverage, benefits and member services comparable to what you experienced with PRF.


We would like to thank you for choosing PRF for your professional liability insurance over the years. It has been our great pleasure working with you.


Please see the following additional information from PRF and MIEC:​

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