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In 2024, PRF continues to operate as a Risk Retention Group. Although we are no longer issuing insurance policies, we will continue to manage any claims that occurred during your coverage period with PRF.

It is important that all former policyholders remain in contact with us. Please notify us of any changes in your contact information via email to


Dear Former Insureds of PRF,


One of the founding principles of PRF was the provision of occurrence based medical professional liability insurance. This afforded the most flexible and beneficial coverage to its members. As a consequence of this coverage, your policy remains in effect indefinitely. Should a claim arise at any time for an event that occurred during your policy period, you are covered. Although PRF has not renewed or issued policies since December 31, 2020, this obligation to provide coverage for all previous policies remains.


While PRF continues to administer its policies and adjudicate claims, the financial and administrative burden to do so cannot continue indefinitely. For this reason, PRF has sought a like minded insurer to assume PRF’s liabilities and allow PRF to cease all operations, the Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC). Over the past few years, PRF has established a close working relationship with MIEC and has come to understand that we share many of the same philosophies. As we work towards MIEC managing current and future claims, there should be no recognizable change in the handling of existing claims.


Because of PRF’s obligations to you as a former insured, it is important for us to maintain up to date contact information for you. This is necessary, even though it may have been many years since you were last issued a policy by PRF. Please contact us at as to any changes in your contact information; including, email address, mailing address and phone numbers.


Stephen J. Scheifele, MD




Please see the following additional information from PRF and MIEC:​

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